After much thought and consideration of the folks, who were not able to “Vote” during this pandemic and those Absentee Ballots that were cast aside, and those who were not given the correct ballot and those who were told, “I dropped out of the race” and that’s why I was not on their ballot. I want you to know that your complaints were not in vain. I have decided to Keep Running! So, if you wanted to VOTE for me and were denied… I am still ready to fight for you and restore that denied opportunity… I am still ready to fight for your issues and cultivate the resources that are needed for all the areas I will be representing… So, Yes I am still running to be your next NYS Senator… Yes, you can still vote for me as a “WRITE IN” CANDIDATE! #YESYOURVOTEMATTERS

A write-in candidate is a candidate whose name does not appear on the ballot but seeks election by asking voters to cast a vote for the candidate by physically writing in the person’s name on the ballot. It is possible to win an election by winning a sufficient number of such write-in votes, which count equally to if the person was formally listed on the ballot.


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Proven Leadership.Vision. Dedication.

My name is Sherita S. Traywick and I am your candidate for NYS State Senate 56th District. The 56th District needs a Representative who cares about Education, Health Care, Justice Reform, Economic Development, and Climate Change . I bring experience as an Elected Member of the Greece Central School District, Board of Eduation as well as having worked for the NYS Assembly and Senate. I have also run my own Non-profit organization for 14 years serving needy children and their families from Albany to Rochester.

My goals are simple, I want my children and the next generation to grow up in a community that values all of its citizens. We need politicians working to solve our problems instead of acting in self-interest. I will work hard to address the critical issues of my constituents to make life better for all.

Thank you for your support.


I believe each child should receive access to quality education and will fight for resources in and outside the classroom so our children can succeed. I am a strong Advocate for additional funding for Education. Social Workers in all Schools, Community Schools, Resources for Special Education and making sure we support teacher wellness.


Many of our Seniors are struggling to pay higher prescription drug costs under our current healthcare system. This forces them to choose between purchasing their medicine or daily needs such as food. I support Mental Health Education and funding to help Healthcare professionals obtain additional training and advancement.


I support ways to decrease the mass incarceration of those economically disadvantaged and the disparate effects on minorities and those suffering from mental health challenges. We need to look at more diversionary programs and the expansion of drug and mental health courts to end our practice of mass incarceration in New York State for lower-level offenses.

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